Just Say No to Camera Filters

There is a rather annoying trend happening with selfies these days that I have been trying my best to ignore, but am being less and less successful in doing.  I am used to selfies, and take many myself. I love seeing people share their pics and try new angles and lighting, even taking pics of with Snap Chat and adding a crown of flowers, or silly eye glasses.  But there is one thing I can’t stand, and that is using a camera filter to airbrush your face and make it utterly flawless, to  the point that it simply looks like a fake person.

Why is this a thing?  As far as I can tell the mass majority of women are against how much the media airbrushes celebrities in magazines and other photos, creating a false image of how these women look.   Yet here we are, those same women, using their cell phone camera’s to take pictures of themselves and using the same type of technology to alter their own faces to look just as airbrushed, if not worse.  Fake faces, fake skin, fake beauty.  This is not the real face of our friends.

Let’s be real for a second.  Our friends are all beautiful.  Each individual has a beauty all their own and pictures are just one way to share how we look.  When I see a picture pop up of a friend, I want to see my friend.  Not this fake version of him/her.  I want to see that persons real skin, their real beauty.  The person whose friendship I love.

Some of you might be thinking, “Hey now, wearing makeup is the same thing as using a camera filter!” I would have to disagree.  Make up may be able to cover up a majority of our flaws, pimples, bags under our eyes, etc.  But for the most part you will still see wrinkles, some sun spots, etc.  Your face will still look like you, for the most part.  These filters don’t just cover up the random flaw, they literally smooth out your entire face, creating what can only be described as a mannequin type look.

What message does this send to our youth?  That the way we look is not good enough for the general public to see?  The standard of beauty in our country and others is changing every year. It’s a sad fact that you g girls are worried about their appearances and body type at a younger and younger age. Although this is not just regulated to woman, men are also affected and are becoming more and more concerned with looking “just right”.

I can admit to using these filters myself…although the funny thing is I actually had no idea I was using them!  I was really that naive to think that my skin was just looking that amazing when I would take my pics.  It wasn’t until I took a selfie with my husband (after only owning my new camera a few months and not realizing that this filter was automatically set to be “on” at the half way mark.) when we were on a trip that I look at the pic and said to myself, “What the hell, I know his skin isn’t that smooth!”  I investigated further and noticed a “Beautifier” bar in my settings, which could take my face from normal looking, to utter fake perfection.  I was shocked.  I immediately put that scroll bar down to zero and have not used it since.  I may not have perfect skin, but damn it… it will be my actual skin you will see in a picture. As Neutrogena says, “Love the skin your in.” 20170422_194446


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