Teenage Adventures

Parenting is getting harder and harder with each passing year, and yet still exciting and fun to watch my kids grow and become young adults.  Specifically my son, who will be 15 in May.  On his 5th girlfriend and falling in love, getting intimate (just the very very early stages of it) and navigating all that comes with a relationship.  It’s interesting trying to not only be a parent (and a Christian parent) but also be the type of person that he can come to and share all these things with.  So far he is.  He tells us both all the new experiences, even when he is scared to do so.  We never yell…or make him feel embarrassed, but instead ask him what he things about it and then tell him how we feel.  We give advice, share what God would want for him, all while telling him that no matter what his choices are we are here to help guide him and keep him emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe.  

It’s such a tough balance to have.  In the end you can only have so much control.  We have control over what happens in our home, and I can meet other parents and talk to them… but in the end I can’t really control what happens at school and the like.  Teens get creative.  They always have.  I did at that age even.  One thing we have going for us is the extreme open communication we have in our home.  The topics discussed would blow your mind and are worthy of a great comedy show.  It’s this kind of blunt honesty that allows our kids to share with us knowing that they will not receive any harsh judgement or hear us scream at them.  

I am thankful for the values we have instilled, and that even now when my son thinks he has gone too far with something he will tell me and then mention that he knows we taught him better than that.  It’s comforting to know that he hears our words, takes them in, and contemplates them.  Funny enough, sometimes he even takes notes!  Not going to see many teens doing that. 🙂

I am scared and excited.  I want my son to be careful, considerate, respectful, and most of all God fearing.  Following a path that God would want him to take.  But what we want as parents doesn’t matter as much as we would like.  In the end we are raising them to make their own decisions, and he will do just that.  And no matter what those choices are we will love him, help him, guide him, and comfort him.  All while being honest with him about what we really think.  Honesty really is the best policy. It may be rough to hear the truth, it can hurt.  But it’s what keeps relationships real.  It keeps trust intact.  Most of all it guarantees that people will always know that they can count on you.  


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