Parenting Flux

Gone are the days of walking your kid to  the door when dropping them off at a friends house.  Or at least that is sure how it seems to be.  I am not sure if it is that people have become less social… or maybe since so many kids/teens have cell phones adults feel safer not meeting the parents of their child’s friend; but the fact remains that something has changed.  

I am starting to feel like a dying breed of a mom since I am still actively trying to meet parents before I drop my son and daughter off… and also trying to meet them and get phone numbers as they drop their child off at my home.  I have actually had to run outside and catch parents before they leave my house.  It’s as if they don’t have a care in the world when it comes to knowing who is going to be watching their kids.  

Does no-one worry anymore about the security of their kid?  I realize that the likelihood is that everything will be fine…. Odds are no one will molest your kid… the adults won’t let your kid drink alcohol… no one will tell your kid to smoke weed.  BUT… what if they are those parents?  Those things happen.  ALL the time.  You do get those parents that don’t care.. Or even worse they actively ask kids if they want to try things.  Don’t you want to walk inside and at least get a vibe from the person?  Say hello… ask some questions… see the house that your son or daughter is going to be hanging out in?  

I suppose I am just a rarity and will have to continue to be so.  Luckily I am not totally alone.  There are some parents who are like me still and that is good.  It is just sad that more and more often I am coming across the other situation and it has me wondering if people really know the situations that they are letting their kids into.  This world of parenting is in a constant state of change and some is for the best…  but some of it I am not so sure of.   :/


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