Taking Care of Me…

I am feeling quite blessed recently in regards to my marriage.  That isn’t to say that I don’t often feel that way, however recently it has become even more obvious just how wonderful of a man I married.  Some would call it luck, to get your actual perfect match, but I would call it all God.  

3 weeks ago I had surgery and due to that surgery I am unable to do many basic things such as dishes, laundry, and general cleaning of the house.  James has been amazing since then.  Not only going to work but then coming home and doing all the things I can not do.  He is visibly tired more, but he doesn’t complain.  

This man is not just my husband… but he is my best friend.  He is the person I can genuinely tell anything to.  Even the painful things… the things that can hurt us both, or just him.  We share all our thoughts with each other no matter what they might be.  This kind of relationship is more than unique… it’s more than special.  There are no words to describe it sadly, but hopefully from just my saying what I have,  you get a glimpse into what I mean.  

When you have surgery, and you can no longer do the things you normally do… you are reminded time and time again how much a person loves you and cares about you.  You are reminded that they will sacrifice their time and energy to do what needs to be done so you can heal up properly.  I love this man more than words can describe.  I only hope that I demonstrate to him how much I love him even half as well as he demonstrates his love for me.  

Not sure if he knows how to NOT be silly. lol

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