Elf On A Shelf

I can not even tell you how happy I am that Elf on a Shelf is over.  I love Christmas…and I can tolerate Santa as well as anyone.  After all, that has been around forever and although as an adult I do not agree with teaching that to our kids, I obviously used to believe it myself when I was a kid, and I know parents think it is great fun to do that with their children.

The Elf on a Shelf though…. ugh…. my annoyance with it grows each year.  I am so happy to no longer have to see pictures every single day of what each elf has “done” over night posted on FB by all the parents.  I know I sound like a grinch… and I love all my friends and can appreciate that they love this stuff…and they think it’s fun… but man it gets old.

Anyway… enough of my rant. lol  Sometimes you just have to “let it go”.   LOL    Nite all.


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