Healthy Bodies

I am so sick and tired of all the ads I am seeing online like the one I am linking to below. They are promoting this as being not only ok, but basically healthy. Like this should be the norm… and you know what, it is not ok. Most of these beautiful ladies are very over weight, it’s just a fact. And that is not healthy. Are they beautiful? Yes. Capable? Yes. Healthy? No. Not all of them are excessively overweight, I realize that. And a couple not at all. But the fact remains that this ad and many like it are trying to tell us to just accept this as ok, and as someone who used to weight 275 pounds I can tell you that this lifestyle is NOT ok… it’s dangerous. You are making your body work so much harder than it needs to… being overweight more than 20 pounds can lead to health issues… beauty AND health need to be promoted… not just beauty.

Beyond Beauty Campaign